European Campus Mission
Prof. Dr. Stephan Jolie

Skills and Competences Mission
Birgit Leinen

Labs and Co-Creation Mission
Dr. Helen May-Simera

Research, Innovation and Transfer Mission
Prof. Dr. Stefan Müller-Stach

Service to Society Mission
Dr. Beate Hörr

Diversity and Migration
Prof. Dr. Veronika Cummings

Experiencing Europe
Prof. Dr. Arne Niemann

Multilingualism in Schools and Higher Education
Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thiele

Food Science
Prof. Dr. Ralf Heermann

Digital Transformation
Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler

Climate and Ressources
Prof. Dr. Virginia Toy

Resilience, Life Quality and Demographic Change
Dr. Pascal Nicklas

Vizepräsident Prof. Dr. Stefan-Müller-Stach

Managing Coordinator
Dr. Nicole Birkle

Co-Creation and Open Science Manager
Dr. Melanie Groß

Member of the General Assembly
Dr. Nikolaus Bourdos

Student Representative of the General Assembly
Edith Wittenbrink